About me

Hello world! Welcome to my blog =) In this blog I’ll be sharing things that I’m working on that I think would interest people other than myself. Mainly programming, geeky stuff.

Who Am I?

My name’s Tal. I’m a programmer, but my interests also include music, yoga and cooking. I always like to learn new things, and create things that interest me. I left my job a few months ago, mainly because I want to invest in my own projects full-time.


  • Be creative
  • Try to enjoy while doing so

Reasons to Work on a Project

There are always projects that I can work on, and sometimes it’s hard to choose. So I often consult this list of my reasons to work on a project (in order of importance):

  • Do I want the final product to exist in the world?
  • Is it a technical challenge?
  • Money

More stuff

  • I use Arch Linux
  • Currently addicted to Clash Royale (my username is talos)
  • Undertale is my favorite game
  • Regina Spektor is my favorite musician
  • And I can’t grow a beard =)